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In these years we have been evolving from a craft manufacture into a solid industrial reality, able to produce millions of special pieces and which can guarantee very short time from production to delivery !

Our ambition is to go further and further, offering flexibility and customization, according to the desires and requests of our customers. We have always competed in a global market.

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We have always competed in a global market.



The mind of this system is the technical office that has inside it updated Cad-Cam for the construction of equipment and molds.


Quality Control

Over the years we have obtained external approvals to support the commitment to its customers.



The technological heart of our company is production capable of producing up to 200,000 pieces per day.


Packaging and Shipping

We guarantee the best transport and packaging service for your products.

Interest in fine detail

The finished products line that mixes looking for creativity, usefulness and high-quality with our savor for design.Mixing structure and function is definitely one of our wishes, that has slowly come to be focus on excellent quality and also visual, obtaining goods up to date.

What's Zline?

Our analysis let us add to the traditional manufacturing a lot more authentic and innovative alternatives, which could supply more individuality to the common purposes. This workshop of ideas created a new variety of attaches and reductions for heaters by using a special cut, recognizable by exclusive particulars and weird mixtures.

Produced in Zoppelletto

Consequently had its basis the created in Zoppelletto plan: the Zline collection expresses our look for invention, allowing quality value for the functionality, the top quality and the personality of our systems.

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Cold forging is the essence of our production system

The metal is deformed up to the desired shape with two advantages: saving in terms of raw material and of working processes.

Quality and service for years

The experience of the company is the result of Zoppelletto brothers’ effort, who started in the home garage, with the help of just a milling cutter. That first step, in 1961, was officially the starting point of our history, developing, then, during the years of the Italian economic upturn.


The continuous research in materials, lubricants and equipment allows us to produce increasingly complex parts.

Certified quality

In recent years we have been obteined UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certifications


Our process allows a saving of material and workmanship, thus guaranteeing lower costs and a reduction of polluting emissions.


To complete the production cycle, we are equipped with CNC Transfer machines for chip removal and deformation.

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