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Scrum project with the students of ITIS Rossi

We look at the future … and also at future generations!

Last month, for the second year in a row, we took part in this interesting and beautiful initiative with the students of the 3^CMM class of ITIS Rossi in Vicenza.

This business simulation project using the Scrum method took place in several meetings over a week and was made possible thanks to the collaboration of ILM-it Istituto Lean Management and the Vicenza Confindustria School Commission.

In the first meeting we introduced ourselves to the students with a company presentation in which we explained them who we are and what we do. In a second meeting we assigned to the students, divided into groups, a theme to be developed under various aspects. Finally, we saw each other for a last meeting in which each group of the class exhibited the project they had created, then evaluated by us using a specific Lean evaluation grid.

The theme we assigned to the students was “to develop a new attractive design for one of the Zoppelletto SpA products and also create multimedia content to support the market launch of this product also from a marketing point of view, taking advantage of the occasion of the company’s 60-years anniversary”.

Below you can find a testimony released to “Industria Vicentina”, the magazine of Confindustria Vicenza.


We were pleasantly satisfied with this initiative and we hope that it can be repeated in the next years!